The #1 Most Powerful Visualization Technique (and how to use it)



Powerful Visualization Techniques You Can Use Now To Your Manifesting Power (Law of Attraction)

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“Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron, and I help people expand their consciousness. Now in this video I’ll be sharing with you the most powerful visualization technique that I’ve found. I believe that this can radically change the kind of benefit that you get from visualization and also begin to change yourself from the inside out in a very powerful way. We can use this visualization technique to preprogram subconscious beliefs, to let go of memories that are holding us back, and then to also connect us to experiences that we want to condition into a part of who we are.

“Now as I’ve said before, the power of visualization is not necessarily even the image that we’re able to see. It’s more so the feeling that that image brings to us. Now honestly, it’s the same thing with affirmations as well. It’s not so much just the words we say, because if we’re saying, “I love myself. I love myself. I love myself,” but we don’t actually mean it or we aren’t saying it with enthusiasm, or we’re not getting any feeling out of it, then we’re not actually gaining the benefit of it.

“Now as I’ve said before, the power of visualization is being able to condition the feelings of what we want to experience in the moment now. The way that we change our subconscious mind, which runs 95% of what we experience in our life, is through the feeling, not the words. If we learn how to condition the feeling of what we want to experience, we then have more ability towards changing our subconscious mind, which then changes the outer reflection of our life.

“This technique that I’m going to share with you comes from the book Awaken The Giant Within by Tony Robbins. I’ll put it right here for you. In this book he talks about what is called NLP, or neurolinguistic programming, which is something that I studied a couple years ago. It’s very powerful for changing subconscious beliefs, for changing habits or patterns that we want to stop.

“In this he talks about something called submodalities. He integrates a visualization exercise that can really help us to enhance the feeling of what we want to experience or to let go of beliefs that no longer serve us, or to let go of memories that we don’t want to replaying. Because most of what we experience is on autopilot.

“With this, it was involving and understanding what submodalities are. Now submodality is someone’s way that they’re able to connect into what and how they think. For example, I am somebody that’s very auditory, which means that the way that I think, even when I visualize, it’s much easier for me to connect into the sounds that I would hear than necessarily the exact vision or visualization of seeing a picture of what that is.

“Now in the same way, I can still do that but I find that my strong point is in the auditory of what I would be hearing. Now some people are more gifted or more inclined for the visualization of it. Maybe they’re to, in a very vivid picture, see exactly what they’re trying to create in their life or what they’re imagining, and they’re able to make that very real. Now some people are even just more connected to the feeling of it, which is straight to the source, anyways, of what we’re going for.

“With this, what we can learn how to do is how to do something where we manipulate and enhance whatever we are visualizing or listening to or hearing auditory-wise. Now this could be maybe you have a memory, and this is something that I use because I had a memory of being afraid of speaking when I was in high school of when I got in front of the class and had no idea what to say and I just completely blanked out and I looked like an idiot …

“From that memory, what I was able to do using this technique is I was able to replay that memory in my head. But then what I did is, instead of having it in color, is I imagined it in black and white. Now this immediately had an effect of making it more disconnected from me, because it became a little bit less real.

“Now then what you can do and what I did is I changed the mode of what that situation was. Rather than seeing it as something that was very serious, I started to replay the images in a new way. I started to see it as more of something that was funny. I started to see it more like a cartoon and kind of a funny scenario. Immediately when I did that, I started to disconnect it from even more.

“Now we can apply this towards almost anything in our life. If we have a memory that we’re trying to get rid…

This video is about the #1 most powerful Visualization Technique

Powerful Visualization Techniques You Can Use Now To Your Manifesting Power (Law of Attraction)

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